Mission Statement

To provide useful information for Yardi Systems, Inc. software users in New England by meeting periodically to share knowledge and experiences.



What does the NEYUG do?

The New England Yardi User Group is a resource for Yardi users in Massachusetts, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island , New Hampshire , and Maine to meet and share information with other similar Yardi users. It is facilitated and organized by Lee Adler of Adler PPT, an authorized Yardi Independent Consultant, in conjunction with a steering committee of interested Yardi users.

Who can be a member of the NEYUG?

Any Yardi user in New England can be a member.

Does the user group provide any resources for using Yardi?

Although the user group is not a substitute for other means of support and consulting, the intention is to bring content to the group via the meetings that will be useful to New England Yardi users.

Can I find out what companies are members?

Attending a meeting is the best way to find out. The group does not share its membership list out of respect for the privacy of each individual member.

How can I join?

Simply register for a meeting.  We will then send you a survey seeking your role and your meeting preferences.

When are the meetings?

The meetings are held on a quarterly basis as listed on the Events section of this site.

What are the meetings like? How long do they last?

The meetings are planned around a topic of interest to a wide group of Yardi users. This can involve presentations from other Yardi users or Yardi on topics of interest to the group. There will also be break-out meetings of groups of users to foster knowledge sharing and networking. The meetings are two hours in length, generally from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Can I volunteer to help?

Yes! Send an email to ladler@adlerppt.com of AdlerPPT to volunteer. The user group is an all-volunteer organization.

Will I get SPAM if I join?

No! The only email that you will receive will be for meeting notifications and other group news on an infrequent basis.

Upcoming events

Topic RENTCafe Residential  - Optimization and Advanced Topics
Date Tues. November 6, 2018
Time Registration: 9:30 AM

Meeting:       10:00 AM - Noon

Location Microsoft Burlington

Jefferson Room

Location Address 5 Wayside Rd.

Burlington, MA

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